A Rouge Named Zillah

“A Rouge Named Zillah” (c) Bob Van Starr feb 24 2019.

As I have mentioned previously on this website. I began writing comics at a very young age, around four or five. I have done a fairly good job of keeping everything I have ever drawn since that time. A rouge named Zillah was a character I created for a DnD game I was a member of. For a number of months, I drew several pages a week of this character with the ultimate goal of turning into my first full fledge book!

This was a common goal of mine, before Callow Corvus #.05 for a real complete full 30 page comic. Sadly often times as you stop working on a project you forget what the story of the character was going to be. That coupled with the fact that my drawing skills vastly increased (if you can believe it,) during this time.

Over the past week, I have been getting quite of bit of compliments on my art, so I decided why not dig into the vault a bit, and give people a free look at the creative process. So attached to this article is a rough draft of a comic, about thirty pages of connected art, that are meant to show a story of Rouge lizard person. I hope you Enjoy!

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