This is another science fiction romp written by my best friend, and myself between 2016-2017. The story stars the plant creature from space named Sotul. Enjoy

© Nicholas C. Johnson, and Christopher C. Staples as of march the 4th 2018. All rights reserved, by the authors.

The Bogite:

            There was a dark and mirthless swamp planet, that was on the edge of recognized space. This planet was quite far from the nearest sun and thus was only able to get small amounts of light to the planet. However due to the powerful heat of the core of the planet vegetation and other life was able to survive on this planet

            Amongst the dark sweeping landscapes of the swamp planet, one particular species has been able to thrive. This species was one unique to the known universe. They were large pre-historic, flower creatures. These plants had arms and legs much like that of the humans who inhabit the planet earth yet instead of fingers and toes they have large petal type appendages.

            They were not only plants, but they were also flowers with intoxicatingly beautiful purple plumage, that looked like the most beautiful sunsets on the planet earth. Much like they’re harsh planet the reason why these flower creatures were able to survive and thrive to the top of the food chain in the world was, precisely that of how poisonous the plants are. In fact, in just one tiny morsel of the toxins that make up the creatures, referred to as Bogies, any animal would surely perish due to its deadly poison.

            Almost the entire surface of the planet which appears on star charts as “NS-207” is not surveyed number two hundred and seven. NS-207 covered virtually entirely of small pools of murky water, with little stretches of land. Due to the lack of sunlight, it’s always quite dark upon the surface of the planet. The water is so murky and dark that no matter how long and hard you would attempt to peer through this ooze you would not be able to discern what would be growing or lurking under the surface.

            Like all planets in the known cosmos, NS 207 had other naturally occurring animals. Most of these animals were reptiles of some sort such as snakes frogs and creatures that are quite like alligators and crocodiles of the earth. While all of these animals inhabit the planet NS 207 they are only prey for barbaric Bogites of NS 207. While extraordinarily poisonous and very strong these plants have yet to develop great civilizations and or a strong cultural bond, which are needed for any advanced creatures to flourish in the cosmos.

            Much like the tribes of man on earth in they’re early days, the Bogites men lived in small sects, were they killed each other for better land, and for better mates.While most plants like creatures in the cosmos survived solely on the heat and chemical reactions from the sun, there was not enough heat from the sun to fully to fully sustain these flower men. So much like the venus fly trap of earth these flower men were able to lure and digest protein to make up for any of the deficiencies that they suffered from the lack of chemical reactions from the sun on the planet.

            The Bogites became the top predators on their planet. Even the unevolved crocodile-like creatures of NS 207 was no match for the brute and unapologetic force of the plant men. Also if one were to get a bite of the fearsome plant creatures, they would surely perish due to the power as mentioned earlier of the toxins which flowed through the bodies of the bogites.

            This poison was the real reason why these creatures were able to evolve to the top performing life form on the planets. Like all living beings, they have changed from earlier versions of themselves over the countless undisturbed centuries.

            The Bogites were able to survive in large numbers in the shallow, murky depths of NS 207.  Any creature or group of animals that dared approach the briars would instantly die of poison thus the flowers were able to grow undisturbed this is also how the Bogites got accustomed to having protein in there diets due to the massive amounts of death which followed them. The organic material of other life forms, helped them grow and sustain themselves.

            At first, the Bogites were not able to walk freely but instead moved very slowly over the top of the water in the bogs they inhabited. Moving ever slowly towards unsuspecting prey in hopes to gain more nutrition for there diet. This slow moving, however, turned into the development of legs and arms. So they move faster and devour more prey. After many cycles of evolution, these Bogites developed into the most powerful creatures on the planet of NS-207.

            That was the state of affairs on the far distant planet. Bogite tribes of roving petals over the vast and murky depths. Slaying each other and any pray that may come across. Fighting for better, plots of land and more viable mates things had been continuing in this way for longer than they typically do for species advancement, but this is genuinely when our story begins.

            A bright and blinding blue light shot from the eons of infinite lengths of space and struck one of the most ferocious Bogites on the planet.  In an instant, the barbaric Bogite was struck. Suddenly the monster had many more self-aware thoughts than it had previously. While The plant man had been self-aware before, the most complicated idea that had ever come to this species mind, was what little monster could he turn into lunch.

The Trial

            Sotul has a plant ship, named Kourtsuplio, but it doesn’t have weapons. Kourtsuplio can travel space on nothing but water. Sotul hasn’t made it far from the planet on which he gained sentience, but the “god” or gods that enlightened him gave off an energy that was detectable by advanced sensors. Several ships are patrolling this system looking for the Bogite.

            The Bogite with his newly gained sentience quickly found his way to the control panel of his ship. “I don’t want to be detected by any of these space-faring beings.” Sotul then began to look for nearby planets on his sensor.

            Avoiding detection was easy as Sotul’s ship appeared to be a tree flying through space.  Sotul sees three possible planets to land on the scanner. Two of the worlds would have patrols around them and the third if Sotul was reading the scanner correctly.

            Sotul decided to land in the mining colony in hopes that he could avoid detection for the time being.  Sotul land in the mining colonies landing bay with no issues grab’s his swords and heads out to the docking bay.

            The bay is mostly empty but outside are many life forms going about their business. Several seem to notice you and approach. Two white skinned lizardfolk five human folk and one whose skin looks like a type of metal with a touch of copper.

            The copper-skinned man approaches Sotul, and hands the foreign looking plant a small disk-shaped device. “This Wil answers most question’s about our small mining colony if you’re looking for work we need labor in the mines but only the brave will venture there anymore since the beasts started attacking folk.”

            “Ahh thank you for the disk, I will spend some time studying this shortly. Maybe I could help your colony by leading an expedition into the mines to help fell these foul beasts so more mining could continue. Of course, my services wouldn’t be free.” The Bogite replied quite candidly to the metal man.

            “We mine for Tolptanium Steel the most durable metal in the universe. If you make it back alive, you will be rewarded with all the ore that comes out of the mine with you. And will have a place to hide from the Superior. Also if you can make the mine safe again, we will make you a partner in our colonies businesses.”

            “Aye, that sounds like a plan I will undoubtedly aid you in making the mines profitable again. I could always use a safe place to hide as well as, some of the most durable material in the universe.”

            The copper skin man Replies,” Well then my name is Laggrre. I am the foreman of the mine these humans are the personal slaves of the mayor, and the pale twins are our heads of security. They did not want to destroy you once they realized you were not a member of the Superior. They are Jin and Jan. we will equip you for your journey while you tell us of your people.”

            “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances Jin, Jam, and Lagger. I am Sotul of non-surveyed planet  207. My people are as yet “untamed” by any master, and to thrive on my planet, you must be strong. None of my kin has any intelligent thought. The Bogites merely rampage and destroy other things that grow in our world. Several cycles ago I felt divine powers reach out from the heavens, and grant me sentience. Now I travel the universe alone, on the ship the sky have provided me in hopes to spread my seed over the vast universe.”

            The group after hearing of Sotul’s past lead Sotul to a village center where several other armed people are waiting. Laggrre points to the team and then indicates that they should follow. He leads all of the combatants to a large building. The building looks like others in its area but much more reinforced than the others. “We are now in the Armory. My men will test your skills to see if any of you stand a chance and reward you based on performance in combat.” Stated the metallic man, candidly to the horde of warriors.

            “I accept the challenge, my people have never shied away from armed conflict, and these warriors do not look as terrifying as the frog monsters of my bog!” The plant man’s voice booms in the hall.

            Sotul is then lead into a chamber with high ceilings an no windows. Laggrre exits back through the door. Laggre then leaves Sotul with the group. Sotul draw’s his weapons and stands at the ready to fell whoever dates attack!

            The applicants buy one are busy fighting, while Sotul wait’s patiently for whoever dares first to attack the sizeable unknown creature. One of the combatants a human attack’s the large plant with a small blade. Sotul strikes back and hit’s him with his sword. The human then draws a small cylinder from his belt.

            The bogite seeing an opportunity to continue his barrage continues to attack the man. The fighter’s sword arm is chopped off at the shoulder, but he manages to throw the cylinder from his belt at the Bogite!

            Sotul moves quite quickly upon seeing the small mechanic device head his way. The sensor on the cylinder doesn’t detect Sotul. The device targets the next nearest target.  Striking a group of combatants and exploding! The explosion wounds several of the combatants.  Several of the combatants still alive but two are missing limbs, and the third is missing his leg the fourth was unharmed and closes to attack Sotul, who is still in awe of the explosive power of the small pocket bomb.

            Sotul’s adversary runs up and tries to impale the Bogite with a pickaxe, but the mercenary misses.  Sotul in retaliation swing’s his sword at the mercenary quickly killing the merc.

            There was now only one more mercenary in the pit. The last mercenary turns and fires a blaster at Sotul, the blaster hits the bogite, and some purple blood oozes out of the wound. This shot was not enough to slow the enraged Bogite. The gun of the mercenary then fails and jams his rifle.  The mercenary attempts to clear the weapon, but Sotul begin’s running at the gunman.

            Upon reaching the mercenary, the Bogite unleashes a wild swing of his weapon upon the mercenary. The swing cut’s a massive hole into the frame of the man, and fall’s dead with the rest of the men in the challenge. Sotul roar’s as he makes the final kill. The howls that come from the savage floral beast are unnatural to the inhabitants of the armory.

            The voice of Laggrre sounds out, over a loudspeaker. “Congratulations you have the job take what you want from their bodies.”

            Upon looting the bodies, Sotul find’s a -Blaster pistol, two exploding spheres, night vision goggles, and two credit chips which say they hold a total of 1500 credits. The guys who exploded had three small blaster pistols, two knives of strange metal and two more sets of night vision goggles. The guy who survived the blast has two large baggies of a blue powder, a pickaxe made of green metal and a notebook with numbers and dates in it. Your first kill had a StabHappy ™ sword, a glove made of a dense gray and black cloth with a small panel on the back with several buttons. In his pocket is the manual for the glove and another exploding cylinder.

            Laggrre enters the room once Sotul finished looting the bodies. Laggre tosses a bag on the floor. “Put anything you won’t be taking with you into this bag, and we will put it into storage.” After you have finished Jin and Jan enter bringing between them a case about 2 feet long made of black painted metal. Laggrre then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small device.  He pushes a small button on it and says “Four for transport, destination lowest level.”

            Sotul and company are suddenly in a new area with walls made of stone reinforced with bars of metal. This area is much warmer than in the upper rooms. Jin or Jan, Sotul isn’t sure which turns to the Bogite and speaks in a voice that couldn’t be more uninterested, “Welcome to the lower mantle of the planet, from here it would take you two weeks to walk to the surface. At this depth, we can drill into the core and collect tolptanium.” Laggrre  turns to you and says “follow me it’s time to meet the others and discuss your contract upon completion of your task.”

The Mines:

            Laggre begins outlining the task for the massive plant. Ravenous creatures named crawlers numbering in the millions have overtaken the toplatinum mine. “The Crawlers are weak but can be dangerous when they attack due to there powerful claws” Laggre pushes a button on his holo -device and says  “Display  Crawler realistic,” suddenly a creature about 5 feet tall with thick claws and a dull gray skin appears in front of Sotul.

            The image of the crawler has no eyes, and its mouth is a beak with a barbed tongue. Jin or Jan speaks up ” We find that killing them quickly before they can call for help is best.” The image changes and a creature similar to the first appears similar in shape that is but thirteen feet tall and covered with large spiked plates. Jan or maybe Jin continues “This is an Alpha Crawler they are a bit more of a challenge and require overwhelming force as stealth will never work on them. They are slower than the smaller more common crawlers but are very dangerous if you are alone.” The image vanishes. Laggrre opens the case that Jin and Jan are carrying and hands you a device similar to his but with only one button. “This is a recall beacon the beacon can be used only once, and it will bring you back to this part of the mine in an instant.” Laggre then hands Sotul a helmet The helmet has several wires hanging from it ” this will protect you from the heat in the lower levels of the mine.” Laggre then brings out a large gray metal cylinder a foot long by 4 inches and hands it to you. “one more thing. This device is a mining charge used to blast through thick stone walls simply place it on the wall and pressing the button on the top it will set to detonate itself and give a countdown then it will blast away a 50 foot square of stone.”

            Sotul who was still feeling his bloodlust from the battle in the armory thanks Laggre for the information. Then states with authority in his voice  “I am ready to proceed and find the den of these monsters so the mine can produce its riches once again!”

            The small room located near the center of the planet’s core contains three other beings. The first looks up from cleaning several blades including two swords. The second has a veritable pile of blasters, and the third a four-armed person, and has an ax two blasters and a sword.

            The first two are covered in protective clothing while the third only has a heat protector helmet and some old school looking armor. The trio doesn’t say a word but begin organizing their gear and loading up.  The door on the opposite side opens and, Crawlers pour through! There is a veritable horde. The four armed man kills two with his opening swings, the swordsman throws several knives killing another, and the blaster wielder kills a fourth. Almost twenty remains. Laggrre’s arm changes shape and becomes a glowing mace, and he crushes a fifth. Jin and Jan begin vanishing and reappearing holding dead crawlers in each hand 6,7,8,9 only about 14 left all pouring through the door not ten feet away!

            Sotul reaches towards one of the vines on his exterior. This vine is where Sotul hid the bombs he stole off the bodies after his “training session.” Sotul grasped on the small explosive and throw’s, the tiny capsule bombs. With a bang, the monsters in the range are dead the last few scattered. The other warriors in the room look at Sotul with awe. The swordsman heads through the door, and the others follow 

            Sotul follow’s, with a bloodlust roar! The strange guttural noises produced by the plant creature, inspire fear in the small monster’s. On his way through the small corridors of the mine, Sotul mashes crawler’s as if they small rodents being wiped out.

            The small group of exterminators shouts with manic glee for blood and battle. The four armed man turns to Sotul as they run and hands the menacing bogite a blast sphere to replace the one he had used earlier in the tunnel. The mine goes in only one dire ti on the only cover is on the sides. But not enough for anyone in the party the lights barely work but allow you to make out the tunnel for quite a way.

            The party turns at the fork, but halfway down crawlers Attack from the ceiling seven crawlers drop in front and more drop behind the group.

            Sotul not hesitating swings his sword at the nearest crawler. The crawler avoids the blow. The crawler in an almost mocking fashion returns with a claw swing of his own. The swing connects with Sotul, and he receives a large scratch across his viridian green torso. The four armed man turns around and begins to attack the crawlers creeping behind the Bogite. Another crawler hits Sotul leaving another gash in his back.

            These attacks send Sotul into a frenzied rage, and the Bogite attacks with his blade and hacks into any nearby crawlers. The blows are strong enough to carry several of the small creations to there maker. Sotul kill’s two enemies with two swings. The swordsman then dispatches a few more crawlers. The gunman turns and fires a shot that misses and blasts a chunk of rock off the wall. The chunk is large enough that Sotul feel’s the impact of the collision.

            The boulders that fall away from the wall the four-armed man falls next to Sotul. Five Crawlers pin the four-armed man to the ground. Two claws rake at the Bogites back and one skate off Sotul’s thick green skin.

            Sotul throws off the small crawlers and runs to help the four-armed man.  The first hit kills a crawler in a spray of gore and force and sends another flying. The second hit kills the third crawler. The four armed man throws off the last two smashing them against the floor and stabbing them.

            Sotul turns enough to see that the cave behind him is quickly filling with hundreds of crawlers.  “There’s no way to kill that many!”  says the four-armed man. The four armed man then reaches into his bag pulls out a ball about the size of Sotul’s head in one hand and shoots the two remaining crawlers near the massive plant monstrosity. The four armed man then throws the ball towards the crowd of crawlers. A gigantic energy field releases from the ball. The energy evaporates many crawlers instantly.

            Hundreds of the small creatures still pour down the hall getting closer by the second. The swordsman stands ready, and the gunslinger as he starts picking off crawlers. “Any ideas?” Says the swordsman. The gunslinger speaks up ” We (BAM!) Could(BAM!) blow (BAM!)the ceiling (BAM!!). Or someone could stay and hold them off”(BAM!BAM!BAM!) The gunslinger surveys the predicament. “but that wouldn’t last long.” The gunslinger reaches into a pocket pulls out an old time stick of dynamite wrapped in barbed wire and nails. The gunslinger lights the wick of the explosive with the blast from his gun and throws it down the hall blasting crawlers into tiny chunks and spraying nails and wire into many more. The four armed man looks at Sotul and nods.

            Sotul’s massive voice booms in the small corridor  “we must find these beats queen so we can plant this mega bomb I have, and warp the fuck out of here. Only then will these mines turn into a profitable enterprise again.”

            The group of the exterminator’s who after receiving the brief reprieve from the gunslinger’s dynamite, quickly began sprinting down the hallway. The gunslinger waits for Sotul to run away then pulls a long metallic tube off his back and fires a rocket at the ceiling of the mine. The Gunslinger then run’s as fast as he can to catch the monstrous bogite sprinting at the front of the party. 

            The party narrowly makes it around the corner, but the rocket has created a cave in that continues to follow the group of exterminators. Sotul can hear animal screaming coming from the cave in as crawlers try to get away, crushed by tons of rock and debris.

            Sotul, seeing that the swordsman is trapped under a bit of debris run’s towards the aid of his compatriots, and with a mighty heave, throw’s the swordsman clear of the falling rocks. Sotul then manage’s to stumble to the next section of the cave. The next room in the mine appears to be a well lit, room with lots of metal.

            The room appears to be a storage area of some kind with lockers against the walls and large crates in the middle stacked on top of a huge storage container. The cabinets mostly have locks on them even the more massive boxes remain undisturbed. “It looks like they left here in a hurry” remarks the savage plant-man who stands at the forefront of the group.

            The plant man continues “is anyone here able to pick these locks? if no one can pick these lock’s, I can try my hand at busting open some of these containers with my sword.”

            The four armed man begins picking locks, while Sotul starts smashing the lock on the most substantial container. The door remains latched, but the vast bolt eventually falls away from the might of the swing. The swordsman and the gunslinger watch the doors, but the mine seems quiet other than the cries of the dying crawlers and the rocks settling. The bar on the container is heavy but after a little more persuasion from the sword of the bogite the door swings open.

            The inside is dark so you can only make out a large shape in the middle of the container. You hear the four-armed man shout “the locks are tough but these lockers have gear in them for security officers so far and one executive who liked gambling apparently.”

            Sotul peer’s into the darkness of the metal container.  Sotul sees metal plates, and large wheels that turn a track that looks like it could climb most cliffs on the top is a large section half the size of the base of the structure but on a turning lane. It appears you are looking at it from the back. Suddenly a light illuminates the inside, and the four-armed man exclaims. “THE NEW GUY FOUND A TANK!”

            “Boys, I believe we have found the answer to the crawler.” said the savage Bogite quite matter of factly, to the team who stood in awe of the advanced mechanical weaponry which now stood before them. 

            The tank is a lightly armored vehicle. It will take at least the three members of the extermination team to pilot the machine.  The machine had a  Laser turret, a very destructive looking Main Cannon. The tank also appeared to be armed with  Riot countermeasures, and anti-personnel systems tear gas cloud. The tank was a sight to behold for the small crew of entirely expendable exterminators.

            The four-armed man, after opening all of the lockers the four-armed man starts quickly sorting through the gear, undoubtedly aided by his extra set of hands. The four armed man puts the contents into piles sorted by type.  Five Riot suits look sturdy. The next pile contains ten sonic grenades and different nonlethal gear. Next to the sonic weapons is knives and batons. Next is a collection of small quad rotor bladed devices almost five of them as one appears to be homebrew with six rotors and two blasters on a swivel.

            There are some very nice weapons in the different piles of loot which now occupied most of the space in the locker room.  Sotul was drawn to an old sword which was constructed of some ancient metal. Sotul pick’s up to the sword and swings the blade a few times.  The sword is light in the petals of the monstrous vegetative organism feels as if the sword was just recently crafted.  The wrap on the handle of the sword would have indicated. Differently, the white cover at the bottom of the sword looked, ancient and was nearly rotted away.  The bogite dropped his slash-happy tm sword and decided to take the new blade with him. After equipping the new edge, Sotul turned his attention to the heap of homebrew electronics that lay strewn on the floor.

            The top of the more critical-looking device appeared to have been left open and had sufficient room for two battery packs. Several components lay still next to the mysterious machine on the table. Winding down on the spoils of the mine locker room, was a large pile of credit’s that was more Ecash than anyone of the exterminator’s had seen before in there lives. 

            A  silver fist caught Sotul’s glance. The fist was  quite large and covered in in tiny arms and legs with tools, saws, chisels, drills, and claws. At the end of the table is a small computer with a primary touch screen and a red button on the side. The four armed man starts picking the locks on the crates. “These will be a minute or so can’t just cut em, might damage the goods.”

            The crates mostly hold the fuel cells necessary to run the tank as well as enough spare parts to last for years. No other gear in the containers. “The flashbangs and smoke grenades are useless against crawlers as they don’t have eyes but the sonic grenades might be useful.” Say’s the four-armed man seemingly talking to himself while he breaks his way into the containers. 

            The swordsman approaches the table but appears to wait for the bogite to finish examining the heap of scrap which lies on the floor.  The gunslinger in the meantime was hurridly fortifying the remaining exit. The gunslinger is using a beam from his hand to pick up massive boulders and stack them, in front of the entrance to the cave.

            Sotul notice’s that the metal ball fits into the machine with the six rotors. Upon placing the strange sphere inside the homebrew metal machine, Sotul sees that the smaller drones fit inside small ports on the side of the unique device. You examine the computer and find that it will fit snugly inside the power pack area of the unusual device.

            Sotul checks for proper attachments, but everything seems to slide right into place. Suddenly the rotor blades spin to life and the drone flies up now reassembled an electronic beeping coming from inside the metal ball. “By technology what is this!” cried the bogite as what at first looked like scrap metal laying on the table jumped up and attaches itself to the drone unit.

            What was at first a pile of scrap electronics now appeared to be a menacing drone. The drone was four feet long 2 feet wide now instead of just two guns the smaller drones now act as turrets with their small arms pointing around the room. The drone suddenly speaks in an electronic and perplexed voice. “I am operating at only 37% capacity my powers were reduced to 89% before losing sensors and regaining them here. Internal sensors detect several structural improvements and change to my chassis. External sensors show several compatible weapons systems stored nearby.”

            The drone flies to a recently opened crate nearby, and small metal tendrils begin affixing several more pieces on to the drone’s exterior. The results are quite impressive silently hovering with guns bristling. It then grabs one last part and inserts it into its core behind its main turret. “Now I don’t have to worry about recharging or rearming; my parts should stay together better. I should be able to reach my main body on the surface in…. well… it…appears a cave in has occurred, so I’m trapped down here.” The drone at this point was seemingly unaware of the weary band of mercenaries that had re-assembled the drone.

            “You their drone!” Barked the bogite at the whirring metal machine.  “This team of exterminators is all going to escape this mine together, however first our team must destroy the crawlers that occupy this mine so it can be profitable again, why don’t you stay on top of the tank with me, drone while we crush these crawlers. After we have destroyed these beasts queen, we will all head back to the surface together, and help you regain your main body.”

            The drone hovers over to the Bogite ” I am  T-Seven Three Three. Thank you for saving me. I will do my best to ensure your survival.” T733 flies over to the newly built rock wall. “Multiple beings detected approaching quickly” T-Seven, then flies back to the tank. The tank’s gun swivels to face the exit. Suddenly the drone’s weapons rotate.

            “IM GONNA WAIT FOR THE TO FILL IN THE HOLE A BIT THEN BLOW IT!”Shouts the gunslinger over the noise and he tosses Sotul a detonator. The crawlers began slipping through the small holes which remained in the gunslinger’s impromptu defense. The large bogite eyed the tiny creatures pensively, waiting for the right time to blow the menaces back to there creator. Finally, when it appeared that no more of the creatures could enter the locker-room without overtaking the tank, Sotul clicked the button on the detonator.


            The rock wall destroyed with one click of the button. Looking out over the carnage which remained after the explosion the group realized that the horde of crawlers ran on for miles. The guns from the tank, as well as the new sentry droid T-Seven, laid down covering fire for the tank.  The group would need to remain vigilant to protect the tank from the enemies that survived the vehicles awesome power.

            The tank’s gun opens up into the crowd of crawlers which instantly evaporates a countless number of the pests.  The blast illuminates a vast horde of crawlers for half a second. Thankfully the laser blasts and cannon fire begin cutting into their numbers. With the aid of the tank, the group began forging a path through the seething mass of beasts.

            Crawlers make it onto the tank and begin attacking the turret clawing at it and trying to bash it free. There are four that Sotul will have to dispatch.  Sotul frenzies on the tiny monsters, and swing his new sword with vigor at the beasts.  The sword cuts smoothly through the first monster and the second. Still, two crawlers remain. Sotul, then hears a small laser sound coming from behind him “Zzzzp ZZZzp” the remaining crawlers fall dead off of the tank.  The drone T-Seven killed them with two well-placed headshots.

            The new sword feels good in Sotul’s petals and the Bogite notice’s that the blood from the crawlers disappears from the blade, as quickly as he can restain the edge. The Bogite continues to kill the crawlers that try to jump on the tank. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the Bogite could make out the end of the tunnel.

            At the end of the tunnel, Sotul notices eight large shapes holding huge clubs. The smaller crawlers have started thinning out more and more. The closest of the Giants grabs a crawler and throws it at the tank. The crawler flies for two hundred feet before impacting the ground next to the tank. The Crawler lands hard enough to make a small crater. The drone begins firing back at the giant, but from a distance, that Sotul was away, it was hard to tell if the lasers affected the unidentified giant monsters, which lurked at the back of the tunnel.

            From inside the tank, the bogite could hear the voice of the four-armed man.” The main lair is through there, but we’re gonna hafta set charges to get in. Your gonna haft a let Ace here run as he is the fastest and your gonna haft a run the laser turret for him.”

            Sotul passes one of his high powered capsule bombs to the drone “shoot this at those giants!” The Bogite instructs the drone. The explosion gives’s Ace some cover while the gunslinger runs towards the lair with the charges. Sotul then hastily takes control of the laser blaster. The Bogite scream’s as he operates the turret “I will destroy these monsters, their carcasses, and skulls will be crushed underneath my roots!”

            “Boom!” the capsule explodes near the giant. Ace waits until the giants start to approach the tank. Ace, then ducks into the shadows. As he does, Sotul’s laser gun mows down crawlers and draws the more massive beasts towards the turret.

            The bogite continues to scream, ” come on then you stupid pests! You can’t match the power of Sotul! You puny, insignificant tunnel crawlers!”

            The Giants try to avoid the devastating laser fire. The main cannon opens up taking the leg off of one of the giants, killing it. T-Seven opens up with four rockets on the injured giant blasting away part of its face. The giant continues his approach to the tank. The other six giants are now charging the exterminators at high speed they cover the a300-foot distance between the tank and the monsters and still have time to bash the tank. The giants begin to swing at the armored vehicle. Several of the attacks skate off the armor doing nothing the others hit. The group can feel the tank rocking from the impact of the blows. An electronic voice chimes in hull status 90%.

            The ragged band of mercenaries keeps fighting against the giants. With the turret, Sotul saw’s a giant in half, and blow’s another’s arm off in a ragged gory spray. The main cannon opens up and cuts a hole through two other giants like a shotgun through a paper. Sotul can see Ace flash a light to indicate the charges are ready. Ace, throw’s something and begin’s running back toward the protection of the tank.

            The four-armed swordsman pushes a button on a panel next to him and the hatches on the tank close and seals with a pneumatic hiss. The four-armed swordsman then pulls a lever. Screams can be heard from outside the tank as the Hellfire system engages.

            Ace, however, failed to make it across the terrain without tripping and is now dealing with the one-legged giant. Three giants remain around the tank but they apparently we’re poorly burned as all, but one fails to damage the tank. “hull integrity at 89.9%”  the one-legged giant throws the gunslinger at the tank.

            The drone T-Seven upon seeing Ace flying through the cavern flights at Mach speed in an attempt to catch the gunslinger, before the impacts of the cave wall. With a daring swoosh, the drone managed to catch the gunslinger easily. T-Seven with Ace still holding on like he’s riding a horse maneuvers around some falling rocks.  Ace can be heard over the radio of the tank “HOLY SHIT FUCK ON SUNDAY.” Followed by a reply by the drone “No need for vulgarity I was only performing at optimum capacity no large matter.”

            Once Ace is safely in the interior of the tank the team detonates the wall, which will lead to the lair of the queen. On the other side, all the group can see some waterfall. The earth shakes, and a genuinely massive creature comes climbing from the deep. The remaining crawlers scurry to get to the lair.

            Sotul interrupts the celebrations of the group with a harsh shout. “All right boys, no need to celebrate yet! We still got to handle this crawler queen. Let’s see what this tank has to offer for firepower. I want this queens blood to rain down upon her feeble subjects.”

            Upon the instruction of the Bogite the main gun roars out and a 30-foot circle of crawlers evaporates. Sotul’s sword glows for battle with bright White light. Upon noticing the white gleam of the blade, the bogite makes a proclamation “I dub this sword white-saber. May it slaughter countless foes! This queen will taste my white-saber, and then the mines will be cleansed.

            The team enters the lair riding the tank the drone ignites lights, and so does the tank illuminating 40-foot tall, six-armed beast. The creature’s face is a massive beak with a tongue made of horrific spikes and jagged edges. “The Queen” has no eyes and no ears each arm ends in a clawed hand each claw.  The queen’s body is fat, corpulent and grossly muscled as it crawls toward’s the tank from what can only be described as a gaping maw five to ten crawlers are birthed fully formed with each colossal crawling step. The queen opens its beak and let’s forth a scream that shakes the very earth.

            “boys if there was ever a time to deploy the main cannon on this thing, I believe that time would be now!” The Bogite hollers at the rest of the crew, who are all much more shaken than the Bogite by the terrible monstrosity towering above them.

            Sotul continues to bark orders at the rest of the mercenaries ” all you boys better be firing all the guns in this thing, till you can’t fire anymore! Then once you can’t fire anymore I want you to keep firing!”

            The mercenaries turn the main gun towards the queen and shoot’s. The blast takes the beast in the side wounding it but not bad enough to stop the queen from continuing towards the tank. The queen’s blood flows like water onto the ground.  The laser  turret and the drone attempt to stop the countless crawlers which are spawned by the terrible crawler queen. The guns of the tank and the drone can’t handle the Crawlers. The queen  returns fire on the tank by grabbing a boulder and throwing it at the tank

            The four-armed swordsman aims the boulder with the main cannon. “If that thing hit’s us we won’t be able to take much more!” screams the four-armed swordsman. Fortunately, the shot from the main gun hit’s the rock head-on. The heat from the blast is enough to turn the rock into molten lava, which rebounds and cover’s the queen body.  The queen screams in pain and leaps forward closing to within 100 feet of the tank and throws several smaller rocks at the vehicle. Two miss, but one rock hit’s the tank, and another hit’s the drone, who was still trying to suppress the tiny crawlers being spawned by the queen at an alarming rate.

            The tank is hit but not badly. The drone, however, is hit, and unable to suppress the crawlers.  The crawlers start to swarm the tank. The crew fires the main cannon at the queen a second time. The shot fire’s a blast through one of the monsters arms. Chunks of bone the size of one of the smaller crawlers, rain against the exterior of the tank, the bogite who is still riding on top of the tank are covered in a barrage of the fluids spewing from the Queen.

            “Blood is the excellent fertilizer for Bogites!” the plant-man screams savagely while cutting down the smaller creatures who are trying to swarm the tank.

            The team shoots the cannon one more time. A direct hit on the queen of the crawlers. The queen releases one more terrible shriek and dies in a horrible rainstorm of blood and dismemberment.  All of a sudden, the remaining crawlers stop fighting and scurry away into deeper parts of the cavern.

            The rag-tag group of mercenaries having killed the queen look around the room, for anything of value which might be found in the lair of the queen.  Sotul stumbles upon several bags full of shiny stones some of which are very valuable according to the four-armed man.

            “Well, then this seems like a job well done.” Sotul remark’s to the entire crew. “These beasts will certainly be broken without there most fowl mother.” 

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