The Super P.A.C.

I started pursuing artistic endeavors (semi-seriously) on March the 30th 2016. Before that attempt, I had drawn tons of comics at various times through my younger years. I was a constant doodler(A’s in art).

Through the entire Callow Corvus story I incorporate characters from a group I like to call. Super P.A.C. I came up with the characters for Super PA.C. when I was a very young teenager. I brought them back for various reasons, throughout my comic series. You may think I have been kidding you this whole time. The Super P.A.C. never existed, and Callow Corvus is the first silly comic you have ever written.

So presented to you. For the first time ever. Are the original story’s. Some of these comics date back to mid to late nineties (the end of the golden era.) Any way’s here are some origin stories of characters I still use, and some still funny, and not quite complete comics of a Bob Van Starr, before their was a stage name….

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