2020 Gallery

I’ve got twenty-twenty vision in twenty-twenty. Or I hope I do at least!

YAHTZE (C) Nicholas C. Johnson 1/28/2020

I sat through an extremely boring meeting one day. While I was doodling on the meeting notes I happen to draw two dice next to each other. I thought the dice looked pretty neat so I preceded to draw dice all day on a fairly small piece of art paper. This was the result.

HAPPY THOUGHTS is a thoughtful combination of cheap markers, old spray-paint, coloring-ink, a black pen and liquid clear. The liquid clear really spread out the colors of this picture well, and gave the image a distorted look. The bright yellow spray paint came out of the canister in little dots, and I could not resist turning them into smiley faces.

This is a pretty standard markers on paper, but I needed a technical difficulties sign for a youtube cooking show I was working on. Anyways here is the result.

Another great abstract right here at the start of 2020. I’m calling this painting SEND IT 1/3. This painting combines many different elements. The base of the painting is colored markers, on top of that layer is illustrators ink, then there is a layer of metallic gold spray paint, and white acrylic paint. This may be one of my favorite abstracts I have completed in several years.

PAYNSPRAY 1/4 Is a painting completely comprised of four different colored spray paints. These paints were all layered on the canvas at the same time, which created quite an interesting mix if I do say so myself.