2020 Gallery

I’ve got twenty-twenty vision in twenty-twenty. Or I hope I do at least!

YAHTZE (C) Nicholas C. Johnson 1/28/2020

I sat through an extremely boring meeting one day. While I was doodling on the meeting notes I happen to draw two dice next to each other. I thought the dice looked pretty neat so I preceded to draw dice all day on a fairly small piece of art paper. This was the result.

HAPPY THOUGHTS is a thoughtful combination of cheap markers, old spray-paint, coloring-ink, a black pen and liquid clear. The liquid clear really spread out the colors of this picture well, and gave the image a distorted look. The bright yellow spray paint came out of the canister in little dots, and I could not resist turning them into smiley faces.

This is a pretty standard markers on paper, but I needed a technical difficulties sign for a youtube cooking show I was working on. Anyways here is the result.

Another great abstract right here at the start of 2020. I’m calling this painting SEND IT 1/3. This painting combines many different elements. The base of the painting is colored markers, on top of that layer is illustrators ink, then there is a layer of metallic gold spray paint, and white acrylic paint. This may be one of my favorite abstracts I have completed in several years.

PAYNSPRAY 1/4 Is a painting completely comprised of four different colored spray paints. These paints were all layered on the canvas at the same time, which created quite an interesting mix if I do say so myself.


I’m really excited about this abstract that I called “SpillTheTea.” I think this abstract painting may be one of the best that i’ve ever done. The fact that I like this painting so much is kind of surprising, because when I was painting it I really did not like the painting. I knew this painting needed something else so I did a little doodle at the top of the canvas. I still did not like the painting so I did another layer of spray paint over the top of the doodle, and all of the paints I already had on the canvas. Moral of the story I ended up loving this painting, which just goes to show never give up.


This painting is called “Snow,Sleet,andHail” I painted this with spray paint during a particularly vicious snow storm which occurred in February of 2020 in Downeast Maine. I really like this painting, because this is really what it looks like outside when the sky is falling out here.


One day I decided that I needed a new prop for my Carl the Crow puppet. Anyways the idea was to take a magic eight ball, then spray paint the magic eight ball yellow. This of course would magically transform a magic eight ball to a whimsical one ball. Needless to say this plan of mine did not work out nearly as well as I thought it may. The process was quite messy, and I ended up getting four Accidental Yellows. Hey we “don’t make mistakes just happy accidents.” Bob Ross

“NEON BLING KONG” (c) Nicholas C. Johnson MAY 16th 2020

A new really popular character. Neon Bling Kong stay posted for more!
An Endless Maze

An Endless Maze was painted on July 4th 2020. I used acrylic pain, and a black paint while working on this painting.

F- or A+

When you paint abstract painting’s you sometimes wonder whether the painting you create is an F- or an A+. I’m getting better at telling the difference between the two myself, but everyone has different perspectives on art!

Abstractish Lake Spot

This painting was originally done as an abstract with spray paints. I then went over the paintings with a sharpie. The painting is of one of my favorite views in Downeast Maine, and I hope you enjoy it!

Evening Clouds

I decided to call this painting Evening Clouds. This is what driving through Downeast Maine looks like during sunset in spring.

Seaweed Celebration

2020 has turned out to be quite a difficult year to celebrate. I still painted this piece to celebrate how many views the first Lobzilah got!

Splat O Matic’

This painting reminded me of the game Splatoon when I first painted it! So I decided to name this game after my favorite splatoon gun! The Splat O’ Matic! Enjoy!


Pagliaco is the name of the sad clown from that opera, or so I was lead to believe! I was feeling like a sad clown the day that I painted this! Well I always feel like a clown, but I was feeling sad that day. Not to worry all is well! I still really enjoy this painting!

Over Stimulation

I painted Over Stimulation over a longer period of time than I normally paint abstracts. I just never liked how the painting looked! So I would add another layer. Then I still wouldn’t like this painting so I’d add another layer. Anyways I ended up really liking this piece and I hope you do to!

The Sun

I attempted to paint a representation of the sun. I think I was successful at my attempt. What do you think?

Blur The Lines

I hate coloring in the lines! Even the one’s I draw. So I attempted to make an abstract piece where there were no lines I had to color in!

The Solar Shark (c) Van Starr Production’s LLC. 7/14/2020

Robot Armor Fundem (c) Van Starr Productions LLC. 11/24/2020