2017 Gallery

I did quite a bit of painting with various different mediums in the year of 2017. Included here are some of my favorite paintings of this year.

“TheMasterpiece” (c) Bob Van Starr

I call this piece “TheMasterpiece.” This was the first painting I ever did that I really felt confident about. The concept I went with for this painting was white, black, red, and blue, all of these colors work on a canvas the same way.

“Spraytopia” (c) Bob Van Starr 2017

I call this one “Spraytopia.” I went through a phase where I was just spray-painting everything, because I really liked the random nature of the finished product of spray paint. You never know what you might get, which in my opinion is half the fun of creating abstract art. Of the five or six pieces I did with spray-paint I really feel like this one came out the best.

“Perspectives” (c) Bob Van Starr 2017

This is one of the few paintings in my submission that was done with Oil Paint. I call this one “Perspectives.” This painting reminds me not make mountain’s out of ant-hills. Not every problem you will have in your life is a giant-slug. Most problems are more like regular slugs when you really take a second to think about your issues.

“TheWatermelonMan” (c) Bob Van Starr 2017

“TheWatermelonMan” was another painting I did on a flat canvas with oil paint. I really like the way this one turned out. You really got to defend yourself from the elements when you are a tasty watermelon in the summer.

“A Little Rebellion Is Still a Rebellion” (c) Bob Van Starr 2017.

I called this one “a little rebellion is still a rebellion.” I was listening to a lot of the Sex Pistols at the time. If you cant tell by the look of the genie coming out of the tape player.

“Kourtney Kosminski” (c) Bob Van Starr 2017.

I painted in October of 2017. I was listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson. I decided to create a killer clown based off of the idea of combing a modern day celebrity Kourtney Kardashian, and Cameron Kosminski a well known cereal killer. This was the painting that emerged from that general idea.

“High Score” (c) Bob Van Starr, Nicholas Johnson Feb 24 2019.

Heres a painting I did in 2017 called “HighScore!” Yes I do like Tetris. This painting was done exclusively with Oil paint.

“Mono Rain” (c) Bob Van Starr, Nicholas Johnson February 24th 2019.

I really like this painting I did in 2017. I call it “MonoRain.” I really wish I had taken a better picture of it before it was sold in 2017. Hey that life though right?