2019 Gallery

So far off to a great start in 2019! I hope to update this gallery as I continue to work over the course of the year.


“CottonCandyChaos” (c) Bob Van Starr (Nicholas Johnson) 2019.

I call this abstract Cotton Candy Chaos. I had a very stressful evening here in early 2019. So instead of working on coloring a few pages on a new yet unannounced comic book I have been working on as planed. I decided to do a water color/designer marker abstract. About halfway through creating this piece I decided it really needed a big ol’ cotton candy snack in part of the space I had remaining. I love the way it turned out. This painting looks excellent in its frame. I think imma keep it.

The Flipped Lid (c) Bob Van Starr 2019

I call this piece “TheFlippedLid.” A flipped lid is a psychological term wherein you loose your mind, and it takes a bit of time for your lid to “Un-flip.” I had the idea for this painting back at a psychological conference I was at back in the fall of 2018. I finally painted it.

“The Piano Clown” (c) Bob Van Starr 2019

I got hit by a massive snow-storm. I loved it though because I got to spent a majority of my day painting, and being creative. I think this is one of my favorite paintings that I have ever done.

(c) Feb 22 2019. Bob Van Starr, and Nicholas Johnson

So I live in Maine, and the other day we had a very big storm. So I tried to stay warm by painting this water color of the beach.

“TestPage 1”
(c) Bob Van Starr, and Nicholas Johnson February 22nd 2019

Often times when I paint with water color I test my colors out on a separate sheet of paper. After the paint gets done drying I like to draw pictures of what I see in the colors, then add a little bit to make something funky.

(c) Bob Van Starr, and Nicholas Johnson. Feb 22 2019.

I was teaching an english class, and in that class we were doing an assignment on visual poetry. I like to be able to demonstrate to my students what I want them to attempt to accomplish. I completed this just in the nick of time, and all of my students thought it was very funny (or they were just trying to humor me either way.)

“AbstractHeart.” (c) Bob Van Starr 4/3/19.

I did this abstract on my actual birthday of February ninth 2018. A lot of people seemed to like this one more than most abstracts that I do. Seriously who knows?

“KungPowBockli.” (c) Bob Van Starr 4/3/19

This is how I feel after I order Chinese food. Seriously Though…