It Waits in the Dark….

This was a short story I wrote in 2016. This is one of my best pieces of writing, and I am including it here solely for your enjoyment. I planned on touching up this writing a bit more, however other projects have pulled me away since I wrote it. Enjoy!

Chapter one:

            I was thrown from my battle station rather abruptly. As my ship was hit with enemy missiles, near the command center of the ship. This in my line of work, over the past ten years had not been an entirely new experience. I had been serving as a solider, in the war efforts against an alien race named the Isca, since the tender age of eighteen. In the days in which I enlisted times were dire, and the United Earth Government was enlisting any able bodied, humans at this point in order to aid the war effort’s against these space invaders. The threat has not dissipated, in the ten years time in which I have been serving. While I am not entirely aware of the political goings on of the planet earth, there have been faint rumors of enlistments of earthlings under the age of eighteen, in recent times.

The UEG has been at war, with a species of near reptilian aliens named the  Isca, for nearly a century at this point.  The Isca’s main interest in waging war upon the Earth, and the human race is for a constant supply of food. The Mammal family of course being the main source of food for reptiles, subjugation, and farming of the human race, became a fascination of the Isca. While wiping out the entire race, of man is certainly not the intention, of the Isca, complete subjugation of man was. In the entire history of Man, we as a species have not toiled well under the thought of complete subjugation of another. This human defiance has continued into this new world order. Thus we have been fighting for the most basic of rights that human kind deems, the right of freedom.

            My name is Commander Keith King, in charge of security upon the battleship Pluto. I am the second in command of the starship, only secondary to Captain Lloyd Jackson. To be quite honest with anyone who may read this transmission of mine The war has not been going well for the UEG for the last several years. The Isca,  managed to build a colony upon Neptune, where it was easily able to resupply its troops, and fight cruiser’s. For this reason the Isca had been able to wage an almost full frontal assault on the people of Earth over the last decade. With insurmountable casualties, as well as un-calculable amount of damage to the defense systems of the human race.

            At this point in time the Mar’s colony is the UEG’s focal point in the war, due to its strategic location, it forms the last defense perimeter to Earth. to loose Mar’s would most likely mean that the Isca would be able to conquer the entire of Earth in only a few short months. Which would certainly lead to the enslavement, of the entire human race. Where we would be kept alive only to serve as a food source, for the entire race of the Isca. Earth would essentially turn into, a cattle ranch of humans, which as this reader may see does not sit well with the United Earth Government. 

My location was the battleship Pluto, which is one of the last flagships of the United Earth Government. Our Mission is of the utmost importance, to the UEG. The Scientist’s of earth had been able to develop a cold fusion bomb, which was powerful enough to destroy the entire Isca encampment on Neptune, and destroy any Isca then on Neptune, due to the reptiles extreme weakness to cold. This Cold Fusion bomb, is thus the hope of a changing the tide of battle in the favor of Earth. The advantage has not been ours for an exceedingly long time, and this would surely change things for the better. The braniac’s in the think tanks of earth even think, that this blow may lead to the cessation of attacks on the part of the Isca, and would essentially serve as a bump on the nose of a giant reptile.  Our mission would thus either end in our deaths, and the destruction of the only flagship still powerful enough to survive assault from the Isca, and our Earth, on all the people the crew of this ship still hold dear.

Chapter 2:

            Now that the setting has been laid for you my reader, let me tell you of my current plight. Our ship as I noted before was taking hit’s from enemy fighter ship’s outside the Orbit of Neptune. The Battleship Pluto unfortunately could not  take much more damage, as from the report of our chief engineer, she seemd to be falling apart at the seems.  Right at that moment, another mighty blast hit the command center of out ship. The last thing I remember seeing and hearing, at this juncture was that my of the chief engineer claiming abandon ship, as the Pluto, had taken all that it could handle. This surely meant that Earth’s last hope was a failure, and our mission was ending just as the people of earth feared it might, in the subjugation of the entire human race.  

            Another sight I managed to glimpse out of the sight of my eye was that of my Captain Lloyd Jackson, being crushed by the rafters of the ship, as the command center completely fell apart. This death essentially meant that I was now in charge of the Pluto, or what was left of it.  Fearing, that my final mission would end in utter failure, as well as my untimely death, I ran with haste as fast as my leg’s could take me to the weapons room were the cold fusion bomb was located.

            My Idea, was to activate the Cold Fusion bomb, and to use the carcass of the battleship Pluto, to carry the bomb, to the surface of Neptune, where it could be used, as was intended by the scientists of earth. I feared death no longer at this point, as I realized as the giving of my life, which almost certainly was over as it was could mean the continued freedom of the Earth, and all of the people that I loved upon that planet, as well as the future, of the human race as a whole.

            As I raced through the ship, which at this point was crumpling, as piece of paper would, if it was being held over a hot fire. I just barely made it to the weapons room, before the door which allowed me entry, was bared by the support beams which continued to fall from the ceiling of the Battleship. I saw the Cold Fusion bomb, and I approached it. By using my command codes I was Able to activate the cold fusion bomb, in only a few short seconds.

            Once the bomb was activated, it would only have one minute until detonation. One minute which I hoped would be well enough for the continued catapult of the Battleship Pluto to the surface of Neptune, where the Cold Fusion bomb, would unleash it’s devastation upon the wicked Isca.  I at this point, had all but succumbed to my yet coming defeat, which was sure to take place quick due to my entrapment, with the mega bomb.

            It was at that second, I heard a sickening crunch, which propelled through the wall of the battleship.  I saw with much surprise, that it was an Isca fighter ship, which had crashed through the side of the Pluto. It’s Pilot did not appear to have survived this crash, into the side of the ship. It was at this moment, my brain formulated, a plan with a limited success rate of escape. As the clock on the Cold Fusion Bomb, currently ticked away I realized I  had 30 second’s to evacuate if I was going to attempt to do so. I frantically made my way to the downed Isca fighter, which was now right in front of me. I activated the hatch, to enter the fighter. I then frantically began slamming the buttons of the fighter once inside. As I did not read the Isca language, and I did not have time to take a crash course upon the language, as the clock of the cold fusion bomb continued to tick. 

            All of a sudden I heard a rumbling, coming from what I believed to be the engine of the ship, in the blink of an eye, I had reversed the small fighter out of the ship, and was now outside the exterior, of the Pluto, as I watched the massive battleship slowly fall to the surface of Neptune. I was still frantically hitting  the buttons which laid before me in an attempt to fly out of the radius zone of the bomb. It was at that moment, when there was a bright blue flash of light.

Chapter 3:

            Much to my surprise I awoke. Assuming what was the cold fusion device being set off, surely would have destroyed my small foreign vessel. I felt around my body, feeling fairly sure that the shock my body was feeling at this point was preventing me from feeling some sort of major trauma that must have occurred due to the chain reaction of explosions. Much to my continuing surprise, my body was still intact, with only minor lacerations on my body.  Of course, I could not see a thing, which I felt was odd, in space as there is often the light of passing star’s near you which illuminate the insides of space ship at least a bit.

            The Foreign Space ship was currently pitch black, except for a faint dim light in space which I could only see by squinting, and a faint orange glow from the command station of the small alien vessel.  I made haste, at re-initiating the light of the cabin, of the space ship so I could perhaps begin, to learn of my position in the universe, and how long I would have to travel, before, I could be rescued by a friendly vessel.  

After several minutes of calculated fumbling, I assumed that the controls of the Alien ship could not be that much different, from Earth’s own fighter class ships. These ships built for limited space travel, however were well equipped for dog fighting with the enemy,  and would almost certainly include only the essential program’s needed in order to fly these ship’s against the enemy. Thus, with my knowledge of similar ships I was finally able to reengage the light’s of the cabin of the ship.  The light’s helped me reorient myself, “how long was I out?” I wondered to myself, and “where was I?” as I continued look through the view screen of the ship, which did not seem to produce any indication, of where my ship my be located in the known, yet ever extending universe. Except for the before mentioned faint glint of what appeared to be a small star in the distance.  Other than this star, it appeared as if there was complete darkness in space.

My second action after reinitiating the lights was an attempt to reestablish the communication systems of the vessel. Hoping that, once established, I would be able to communicate, with the Mar’s colony, or through a communication relay, I would be able to communicate with the UEG, who surely was quite interested at the information, I currently possessed of the status of the detonation of the cold fusion bomb.  However, before I started this daunting task I set, the ship’s impulse engine, and began to slowly make my way to the faint glinting star in the distance, assuming it must be the Sun of earth, which meant I was most likely thrown quite far from the explosion of the bomb.

I set upon my task of fixing the communication system. As I was not an engineer by trade, I worried that I would be unable to make the repairs necessary on the alien technology in order to put out a general distress call into space, hoping that some species, either neutral to my plight, or an ally would intercept the transmission, and aid me on my mission, back to Earth. 

It was just as I feared; the technology was very foreign to me. I knew that I would need to work diligently on the communication system in order to hope to repair the system.  That day  I worked for several hours, never seeming to get any close to my goal, of having a working communication system.  I was however, moving at a crawl’s pace to the tiny star in the distance.

Chapter 4:

            To my pleasant surprise, the Isca ship, had plenty of water aboard it. Water being the most precious recourse to most of the beings in the known universe I knew would be essential, to my continued survival, In this Alien Space vessel. Unfortunately however, there was no food on the vessel. At least no food that I recognized to be edible for the Human Species. This meant that I had roughly 21 day’s or three week’s time to either be rescued, or make it to any sort of space port, where hopefully the local inhabitant’s would hopefully have something that I could eat, as well as star map’s in order to help me with my quest in my journey back to earth.

            Many of those first few day’s I spent adrift were spent in continuation, of my attempted fixes of the communication’s system of the Isca vessel. Much to my dismay my work was not going as well as I had hoped it would. This task however kept my mind sharp, it helped keep my mind off of the aching hunger, I had begun to feel. Finally after the fifth day I spent adrift it seemed, as if I was able to fix the communication system!

            Once fixed, I could feel the sweat roll down my brow. As I excitedly grasped the communication device, and started to search for any sign of life near me.  Any sign of life, who might help me with my plight.  Much to my dismay, there did not seem to be any responses to my distress signal.  There did also not seem to be any radio chatter of any sort, which I was not entirely surprised about, due to what appeared to be my extreme distance, from any habitable star system which was evident, by how far removed I was still from the singular dim star light that I saw in the distance.

As I continued to search for any sign’s of life near me. I also began to broadcast a general emergency signal, which detailed, my exploits from the time of the destruction of the Battleship Pluto to now. This broadcast would be sent over space, at a distance much faster than my ship would be able to travel, and I assumed that this emergency broadcast would most likely be intercepted by some sort of alien ship, before I completely starved to death. At this point, I rationalized to myself that even if the Isca, managed to get there hands on me I would not be killed immediately as I assuredly had strategic information they would be very keen in having.

Chapter 5:

            Seven more earth day’s had passed. I was almost out of the water ration that was so kindly left by the Isca. I also had still not heard any sort of other broadcast, or response to my continued distress signal. I was however, getting closer and closer to the singular star in the sky. It was getting brighter and brighter, and with its increase in luminosity, so did my optimism, that I was heading somewhere which some form of intelligent life which would be able to help me. “Surely there must be someone who will aide me at this star system.” I would say excitedly to myself.

            I knew I would be able to hold out for a few more days. A few more day’s until I reached what would most likely be a thriving star system. Once they rescued me I assumed. I would surely be whisked out of the ravaged Isca fighter ship, and into a medical facility. Were they would treat my light wounds, feed me a proper meal, and make sure that I had plenty of ration’s before I continued to make my way towards earth. 

            Perhaps these friendly aliens would have a form of travel, that we human’s had not yet witnessed, and they would aid me in my request to return to earth. Not only would I be a hero for the destruction, of the Neptune colony, but I would have united Earthling’s with allies that would be able to aid, continued  support in the war effort against the Isca. “My name will be in history books!” I would rationalize to myself, every hour, every day. It was the only thing I had left at that point.

Chapter 6:

            Five more day’s had passed, with them I grew more and more unstable, as it been several days since I had had any water, and even more days since then since I had any food. I was now getting so close to the star, that I could barely contain my excitement.

            One thing still confused me though, the lack of any sort of chatter over the communications system. By this point in time I had assumed that I had not been as successful, with my attempted repairs on the ship as I had thought I was, initially. “ I must have repaired it incorrectly.” I rationalized to myself. “It is alien technology isn’t it, I probably just put the wrong part in the wrong place, and never fixed it wright, but someone would notice me at any time now. Someone would surely notice my near exhausted ship, and would come to my aid without the use of the communication system.”

            It was in these moment’s that I looked back out at the singular star in the sky. The star, which for this entire voyage was my sole reason for hope. As I looked back at the star, I saw something else. Which I hadn’t been able to make out before this point in time. The Star, which I was now very close to, seemed to be attached to something else.

The light of the star faintly illuminated, what seemed to be a grey tentacle, which was attached to something. Something, which I was now able to faintly make out. It was in this moment that the words “oh my god” quietly slipped out of my mouth.

All I could make out was the horrible face, of what could only be called a monster. It had giant grey scaly head, with giant horrible bone teeth. If I didn’t know anybody I would have sworn that this creature was smiling. Smiling a horrible smile with its disgusting razor sharp bone teeth. I could faintly see the outline of this monstrosity in the distance. It was a giant, it must have been at least several hundred feet tall. I would not give a consideration, at how much the beast would have weighed only to say. That this creature made my ship look like a tiny peanut, in comparison to its hugeness.

It seemed to have humanoid features, except it had the wings of a bat about it. Giant horrible Bat wing’s, which as it appeared to me, were plenty powerful enough for this beast to move at great speed, for any duration of speed, which it may need to employ. A battleship would not have been able to conquer this beast. In fact I doubted that two battleship’s would have been able to do much but slow it down.

As it looked out upon, my tiny ship with huge horrible red eyes, it seemed to let out a chuckle, which I could only define as a chuckle because the sounds that it was making were so horrible, that I lost my appetite, which I would have found fairly impossible considering the fact that I had not eaten in over fifteen days.  After the creature let out this horrible sound it changed its face from the horrible bone smile that I had first witnessed. The creature was opening its mouth the teeth, which were angled inward were going to make it fairly difficult to escape from this great beast. My ship, then began to get drawn towards the great darkness, which was the creatures mouth.

It was at that moment I now knew. I know knew what was waiting, waiting in the dark.

It Lives were no light could enter. Only in the darkest depths of the vast universe does it slumber. However it employs a bright light, which is attached to via a tentacle to its disgusting head. The great light which is used to lure any being foolish enough to enter those dark spots of the universe, where creatures of this nature make their homes. The beast moves at a slow speed throughout the universe quickly as it is adept to luring its prey to it.

            While it’s head resembles an anglerfish from the bottom of earth’s oceans. The beast has cosmic grey skin, however few who have ever encountered a monstrosity of this horror, have lived to tell the tale. The teeth of the monster are giant, and bony as well as angled inward, in order to more easily gobble up any entity that it may come across.  Its giant body resembled one of a bat of earth, which large veiny wings which could easily carry this monstrosity to any place in the known universe. The beast is also huge, at about 500 feet in height, and an unknown weight.  Evil of this nature has existed in this universe since the time of the big bang, with no one source sure of where evil like this could have possibly originated from. There is no doubt however, that this evil still exists in the universe today. Waiting patiently in the dark for its prey.

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