Tales From The Trash #1

IN this mildly entertaining issue of Van Starr Productions, TALES FROM THE TRASH #1 Captain Cockroach, and The Litter Critter co star. 

Captain Cockroach is finally told of his mission, and is sent back in time. What new adventures will await our hero in the past? Also included in this issue, The Litter Critter finds himself wondering where “Litter Critter’s” come from, and where he can find a place to belong. In addition to these stories Captain Cockroach, and the Litter Critter duke it out in “When the Critter Strikes” by Morgan Gleave. Also included in this issue is the short story “The Crest” by Nicholas C. Johnson. In the Crest a young man named Jacob Peterson aims to climb the highest mountain in the world. Will he be successful in his ascent to the top? Find out only in Tales From the Trash #1.

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