Van Starr Productions is pleased to present TRASH SHIRTS. Trash Shirts are a new monthly, limited edition, T-shirt. Trash Shirts are designed by Bob Van Starr. Bob Van Starr has painted well over five-hundred unique paintings. Bob’s various paintings hang all over the world. Now you can wear these paintings as wearable art!  Trash shirts are a great way to get exclusive wearable art, making them a must have for any would be Hype Beast.

Bi-Monthly, Van Starr Productions will release a new shirt on Bonfire. This shirt will be available to buy for a two-week frame of time. Upon completion of the campaign, these shirts the shirts will be shipped directly to the buyer’s door by Bonfire.

Trash Shirts are a limited product. This means that any painting that is on a shirt will not be re-released, or resold in that same design. This essentially means that only so many of each shirt will be produced. This makes every Trash Shirt a must have collectable for anyone interested in wearable art, or collecting T-shirts.  

At the conclusion of an individual shirt campaign Van Starr Productions will make a post about the particular shirt, and the number of that particular shirt that were sold. That way anyone who purchases a shirt will now how many other people in the world possess that same shirt. This will let everyone know really how limited the product they are wearing is.

As previously mentioned lots of art that will be used for these shirts has already been created. New art will also be created for the shirts. Essentially this means that shirts for the first year already have designs so they will be promptly posted and delivered each month. This also means that Trash Shirt’s will have a new unique look every month!  This campaign will be an ongoing one, and full sets of these shirts will surely be all the rage in a few years!  can you miss out on the chance to get exclusive Trash Shirts now?

Just remember “We put the T in T-Shirt.”

My Best,

Bob Van Starr


Shirt One

Stats for the First trash shirt:

Seven Trash shirts #1 were sold! Four Pinks, A purple, Yellow, and a white one. If you are one of the lucky individuals who has one of these shirts! I thank you! They will be great collectors items one day!


On sale starting July 24th. Hopefully we can pass the first shirt with seven sales!

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