About The Author

The artist known as Bob Van Starr was born in a small town in Maine in 1991. Mr. Van Starr spent quite a bit of his early life working on various types of art. In the year 2013 Mr. Van Starr really began seriously working on various types of art.

In my early childhood years, I would have considered myself quite the creative. I started writing, and drawing comic-books just to show my parents around the age of four. During my formative years I exceled in art classes, and was always quite creative. One of my prouder artistic achievements from my younger years is an item I created in my high-school years.

The “art project” to which I am referring was called “Nikolas Johnsons Fancy Diet Water.” Essentially I created my own drink label. I stripped off the labels of another type of water, and applied my  label to the now naked water bottle. My “Diet Water,” was a huge success in my local community, and I sold around fifty bottles. At the time I created “Diet Water,” I did not really consider that project art so to say. Now as someone who spends the majority of his free time working on artistic endeavors I consider “Diet Water,” my earliest artistic achievement. Like most creatives in my generation (in my opinion) I was pushed in another direction that did not include art, and for many years I did not work on any type of artistic projects. Instead I opted out for more salable skills.

I spent the next decade advancing through universities, while attempting to become a professional in the American workforce. I will mention that I did drawings throughout this time, however most of that was largely scribbles at the on top of note-books.  Eventually the high stress environment of professional life, paired with the death of a close personal friend in the year 2015 put a tremendous strain on my emotional well-being. I needed to find some form of escape.

I had heard great things about the relaxing nature of the television show “the joy of painting,” with Bob Ross. So, I started watching Bob Ross television series.  After a time I myself learned the joy of painting. At this point I found I did not need someone else to lead my artistic creation in order for me to put paint on canvas. I had plenty of ideas for scenes, and for abstract art.  I am also quite inspired by the works of Vincent Van Goh (because who isn’t right,) and the former Beetle Ringo Starr (who in my opinion has some very good digital art works I exclusively worked with digital art for approximately eight months.) So I decided to take a name from each of these artists. Thus, in March of 2015 Bob Van Starr was born.

In truth, I never believed that I would find any success as an artist (or at least that’s what my grandma told me.). Originally when I began painting on my own I had the hope that one day in one-hundred-year time at least one person would look at my art, and say that is really something. Just like I have done with all the vast number of creators I have studied, and enjoyed over the years.