¢rypto ¢ritter’s Edition One

Welcome to the world of ¢rypto ¢ritters!

¢rypto ¢ritters are the new way to use your NFT’s to battle against friends. In the first edition of ¢rypto ¢ritters there are 110 ¢ritter’s. Twenty of these ¢ritters have alternate sparkly versions. There are five varieties of Gas that you can use in order to power up your ¢ritters. Also included in this set is fifty $pecialty cards which you can use to power up your ¢ritters in a pinch or to eliminate an opponent’s ¢ritters.

For competitive game rules please find the rules which are posted to my website.

If you are more into using your new çrytpo ¢ritters in a single player RPG the ¢rypto ¢ritter edition one module is also available on my website. If you want a paper copy you can also order the complete edition one from Amazon.com.

All of the ¢rypto ¢ritters in this first set are unique. At minimum the set name will change on all subsequent release of ¢rypto ¢ritters. So don’t miss out and buy the edition one set now!

Buy The NFT’s now on http://www.Rarible.com

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