Van Starr Productions a brief overview

I have been working on art related projects for most of my life. At the age of five I started drawing, and writing my own comics (on old style print paper) I then tried to hustle those issues to my parents. Since my childhood I have worked with various different mediums. I mainly work on Comic books, Abstract Art, and Stream production. That list is not all inclusive, I am always motivated to try new projects, and I am comfortable working with many different mediums.

The project that I spend the majority of time working on currently is my bi-monthly comic book series “Callow Corvus.” Callow Corvus mainly concerns itself with the character Carl the Crow. Carl is a twenty-something crow who has a difficult time navigating the complexities of modern life. I have significant amounts of production done on the series, and have bi-monthly issues planned out through the end of 2019.

I really began painting in the beginning of 2016. I love to paint. I do not consider myself a traditionally talented artist. I do have a unique flair for colors, and finding different types of mediums to create my modern art masterpieces. Included on the site are several different galleries, which will be updated as I create. I have paintings in private collections in three different continents( North America, Europe, and South America,) as well as many states throughout the continental United States. If you are interested in any specific pieces you see on this site you are interested in please do not hesitate to reach out. I am also on Patreon if you are interested in a monthly art piece from me.

I also recently have begun to dabble with stream production. I have a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game that I play with several close friends. We stream at five P.M eastern on my twitch channel. The twitch channel is called VanStarrProductions. I also play other video games on live stream depending on my access to time, along with access to video games. I plan on eventually turning past dungeon and dragon streams into a podcast eventually. So stay tuned!

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